Wadi Araba Hiking Experience

The Colored canyon of Wadi Araba is one of the natural wonders of Wadi Araba, it is a maze of sand rocks in yellow, purple, red and gold, some places it’s 40 meters in height, attracting visitors to its beauty. The canyon located 70 km north of the city of Aqaba, it is characterized by a variety of rocks of different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for hiking. The valley is made up of colored rocks in the form of slopes similar to the course of a dry river. It is about 800 meters long. This valley is formed by rainwater, winter floods, and mineral salts, which have been channeled into the mountains after hundreds of years of flow. The name of the colored canyon is due to the color shades of its walls, with the mineral salts that draw lines on its sandy, limestone stones and add crimson, orange, silver, gold, purple, red and yellow colors. The valley is characterized by its exceptional nature, which includes collections of wild plants, palm trees, and many beautiful reptiles, which together form a unique cultural and ecological adventure in southern Jordan.